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  • Lunch Workshops - 12:30 to 14:30

    Lunch Workshops on Monday
    New epidemiology and optimal management of hepatitis delta - Mario Rizzetto, Italy and Christian Trépo, France Full
    Treatment of hepatitis B: the guidelines and real life - Maria Buti, Spain and Thomas Berg, Germany Full
    Optimal management of HCC - Peter Galle, Germany and Didier Samuel, France Full
    Management of difficult ascites - François Durand, France and Richard Moreau, France Full
    Optimal management of portal hypertension - Jaime Bosch, Spain and Adrian Gadano, Argentina
    Lunch Workshops Tuesday
    Elimination of HCV. What we learned from ongoing national programs - Mitchell Shiffman, United States and Ola Weiland, Sweden Full
    The impact of alcohol consumption in NAFLD - Lawrence Serfaty, France and Philippe Mathurin, France
    Diagnosis and monitoring of NASH, which markers to use and how to evaluate the risk of HCC - Arun Sanyal, United States and Pierre Bedossa, France Full
    Hepatitis E: what’s the real issue? - Jean Marie Peron, France et Philippe Halfon, France Full
    NASH : Facteurs pronostiques (cirrhose et CHC) et prise en charge (French speaking lunch workshop) - Daniel Dhumeaux, France et Jean-François Cadranel, France
    Special symposium ̋Hepatology at Digital Age ̋ - François Ballet, France and Dominique Valla, France

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